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Post  HeyLookoverthere on Wed Jun 15, 2011 10:59 am

He's still updating regular, so expect changes/new spells/bugs. I changed a few of the spell names for simplicity (forcepush = push, invulnerbility = god) and added a few "copy spells" like Engulf (which is entomb, but with lava instead of glass.)

I hope he adds a "reflect" spell that for a set interval makes any spells cast on you effect the caster instead. (Imagine someone tries to entomb you, only to find themselves encased in glass. the reflect spell would only last about 5 seconds so you'd need to choose between that and offensive magic in the heat of combat.)

Yes I know I should put more spellbookcases out there. I'll try to later today. Also some mods should know the "spellbook" spell but last I heard no one could get it to work.

Also people have asked about the MMO plugin. it's rumored Notch may be adding experience and level gaining to 1.7, so I'm going to hold out for that. Maybe at that point we can set it so you learn spells at set levels.



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