Proposition for Tolos rules

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Proposition for Tolos rules Empty Proposition for Tolos rules

Post  FSCarver on Sat Mar 16, 2013 6:59 am

We should have a clear rule of lists either at Tolos spawn, or a clickable link to this page.

*No griefing.
-You CAN break the necessary blocks to get into someone's base/house though, assuming a situation where a house has no entrance like a door.
-You CAN'T smash random windows, pour lava on/near someone's wooden house so it catches fire.
-I disabled MobGriefing so creepers, withers and blazes can't be used to grief. This allows players to actively use mob eggs against other players, while not having to worry of burning down a house.

*No cheating.
-This includes flying, xray, any form of auto-attacking ect. (no more removing access to Tolos for this, just ban)

*No warping
-Maybe /f home or /home with a limited use. Having to wait 15 minutes (?) after every use.

-Able to open doors/chests ect. if members of that faction are online.
-Either allow claiming faction areas from other factions or not.

*No taking over of bases, and/or changing the interior/exterior design
-We should work this out a bit to allow this during 'organized' wars where both parties agree.
In any other situation maybe consider this as griefing?

*Abusing faulty permissions.
-In the case of being able to go into creative in Tolos, this should be considered banworthy.
-Same goes for being able to teleport to players in Tolos. Its not intended.

*Minecraft bugs/glitches.
-There were/are bugs that allow you to basically see everything underground as an Xray, see caves ect. because chunks load slowly.
Since it is pretty much out of our hands we probably should just leave this be for the time being.

To be updated.

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Proposition for Tolos rules Empty Re: Proposition for Tolos rules

Post  nazizombies2354 on Sat Mar 16, 2013 4:58 pm

Here's a bug: If you set your spawn point using a bed in Tolos, it will reset if you visit Pentos.


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