Some ideas for a few changes

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Some ideas for a few changes Empty Some ideas for a few changes

Post  FSCarver on Sat Sep 08, 2012 4:45 am

Let's face it, Mereen is the worst creative world we have.
Throughout the world are griefed buildings, ugly buildings and countless of rollercoasters and other random stuff.

Back in the early days of Mereen, Hlot talked about how it was going to be a world where all the newcomers would spawn before moving them to Ivalice and other worlds.
The world was meant to be trashed, in a certain way. To filter griefers and keep the rest of the worlds safe.
Unfortunatly part of this plan never came to be, and Mereen became the main creative world. (one that really sucks imo)

So here is my plan.
Right now I am moving the spawn of Mereen, so we can start there from scratch.
We're going to advertise the server, this includes both Skagos and the main server.
Newcomers will be moved voluntarily to Ivalice once we can be sure they won't trash the place. (right now only me, Hlot and Sirrus have the perms to give access to other worlds. Maybe give all admins and some mods access to the command if possible)

The goal of this is to make Ivalice our main creative world again, and make it one of our best worlds at that.
Personally I'm done with all of the crappy square buildings, half griefed buildings that don't get fixed, or all of the same pixel art that gets build in tenfold, so let's give it a new try with an older world.


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Some ideas for a few changes Empty Re: Some ideas for a few changes

Post  SkippertheNewt on Sat Sep 08, 2012 5:29 pm

Aye, Captain Stern!

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