Recent improvements of the server

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Recent improvements of the server

Post  HeyLookoverthere on Wed Jun 22, 2011 8:48 am

I upgraded the permissions plugin to version 3.0. I can now change ranks in game without the need for a reload. I also tweaked myhome and mywarp which were causing the really bad "reload lag" when I did reload or have to reboot the server. I also put a limit on the number of blocks you can worldedit at once, since the consensus seems to bee that WE crashed the server last night while I was out. Most importantly, we've updated to craftbukkit 860. Main thing most of you will notice is FAR fewer chunk errors, here's the full changelist:

Fixed cross world teleporting.
Made map cursors rotate independently for every player shown on a map.
Fixed environment handling.
Fixed nether not having the right dimension.
Fixed chunks saving more than they need to.
Fixed chunk you teleport into not loading.
Fixed Entity Damaged by Entity event firing twice when players damage each other.
Fixed durability changing whether or not damage actually occurred.
Fixed IPv6 support in NetworkManager.
Prevent effects of tickrate degradation on item pickups
Prevent effects of tickrate degradation on furnaces
Improved Nether portal handling.
Fixed client-side weather occurring when multiworld is in use.
Fixed redstone current being sent even if a BlockPlace was canceled.
Fixed support for multiworld beds.
Improved CreatureSpawnEvent.
Made Squids (Water Animals) obey the spawn-animals setting.
Fixed Creepers being killed even if their Explosion Prime event was canceled.
Fixed trapdoors not updating their state if a Player Interact event was canceled.
Exempted Vehicles from's sanity check.
Fixed the value of empty YAML nodes being written as "null".
Fixed fireball explosions not producing fire.
Fixed clay generation.
Fixed canceled lightning strikes dealing damage.
Fixed from and two worlds being the same for PlayerTeleportEvents for cross world teleports
(NOTE: As a result, PlayerTeleport no longer fires for using Nether portals, you must now use the 1.6 Portal events like PlayerPortal).

Added support for custom chunk generators and block populators.
Re-added per-world PVP setting support for plugins.
Added unloadWorld functionality for plugins.
Added ChunkSnapshot for plugins.
Added UniqueIDs for entities for plugins.
Added more control over block placement on interactable objects.
Added events related to Nether portals.
Added sendChunkChange method for plugins.
Made it possible for plugins to prevent punching out fires.
Added an EntityTame event.
Added createExplosion method for plugins.
Added playSound/Effect methods for plugins.
Added the world name to the player logged in log message.
Added ItemSpawn event.

As usual if you have any questions, comments, or complaints, post here.

Edit: also unoccupied boats or minecarts now get deleted after about two minutes of being empty. Mainly to unclog the minecart ride.


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Post  blacknova777 on Wed Jun 22, 2011 12:30 pm

Fantastic Thank you good sir!


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