Updated list of commands

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Updated list of commands

Post  sirrus86 on Fri Apr 27, 2012 5:20 pm

Below is an updated list of most common commands accessible by rank.

/cprivate - Lets you lock doors and chests. After entering the command, click what you wish to protect.
/cremove - Lets you remove locks you placed on doors or chests. After entering the command, click what you wish to remove protection from.
/gm - Changes your gamemode from survival to creative, or vice versa. Can't be used in survival worlds.
/gme <item> <amt> - Allows you to give yourself any item of any quantity up to 256 (4 stacks). Can't be used in survival worlds.
/home - Teleport to your home location.
/home set - Sets your current location as your home. Anytime you die or type /home you will appear here.
/mvtp <world> - Teleports you to the specified world. Accessible worlds for Trial players are Mereen and Ghis.
/spawn - Teleports you to the spawn point of the current world.
/warp <warp name> - Teleports you to the specified warp. Only warps within worlds you can access can be used.
/warp set <warp name> - Creates a new public warp with the specified name.
/warp delete <warp name> - Deletes the specified warp.

/me <message> - Creates an emote in chat.
/tell <player> <message> - Whispers a private message to the specified player.
/warp private <warp name> - Makes a previously-created warp private, so only you may use it.
/warp invite <player> <warp name> - Invites a player to have access to the specified private warp.

/ban <player> - Bans the specified player.
/ch g - Puts you into global chat.
/ch staff - Puts you into staff chat; further chat messages will only be viewable by Moderators and Admins.
/gm <player> - Lets you change the gamemode of another player.
/gto <player> <item> <amt> - Gives the specified player any item of any quantity.
/lb - Brings up the LogBlock menu, which gives you possible commands and parameters for using LogBlock.
/lb rb area <size> time <duration> - Lets you roll back any changes within the specified area that occurred within the specified duration. Duration must be in format ##s/m/h/d, examples: 1h5m30s is 1 hour, 5 minutes, 30 seconds; 2d is 2 days. Be sure the area and time are within acceptable amounts, so as not to undo legitimate structures.
/lb rb player <player> - Completely rolls back the specified player. Works well if a new player comes exclusively to grief. Can also specify 'LavaFlow' and 'TNT' as players to undo lava and TNT damage (be sure to specify time when doing this).
/tp <player> - Teleports you to the specified player. Unless you're vanished, this is accompanied by an explosion that does no damage.
/tp <player1> <player2> - Teleports player1 to player2.
/tp here <player> - Teleports the specified player to you.
/vanish - Lets you vanish or unvanish. While vanished, other players (except Admins) can't see you. You cannot interact with the world while vanished.
//wand - Gives you a cookie, which works as the WorldEdit wand. For full info on WE commands, go to http://wiki.sk89q.com/wiki/WorldEdit/Reference.

/freeze <player> - Freezes the specified player in place, preventing them from moving and placing blocks. Use /unfreeze <player> to unfreeze them.
/home <player> - Teleport to another player's home location.
/stoplag - Removes certain entities, turns off water and lava flow, and disables redstone in order to reduce lag or assist with anti-griefing. Type /stoplag -c to remove stoplag.
/unban <player> - Pardons the specified banned player.

If I missed any let me know, this list will be updated as needed.

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Re: Updated list of commands

Post  SgtTaters on Fri Apr 27, 2012 6:10 pm

Thanks sirrus. This helps a lot.


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