Greifer Detection 101

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Greifer Detection 101

Post  HeyLookoverthere on Mon Aug 22, 2011 8:57 am

Staff Chat:
-type /ch staff to enter staff chat
-type /ch global to leave it
-Using this only moderators can hear you, and you can discuss your suspicions or call a new person to watch.
-we all fuck up sometimes and say things in global chat that are meant for staff

-The most direct way to spot a griefer is to follow him undetected.
- When it says "welcome <playername> to the server!" you can just do /vanish and then /spawn
- Otherwise you can use /tp <playername> to get to them
- With our new vanish plugin even players using hacked clients cannot see you

LogBlock player Lookup
- You can look up both players and areas in log block.
- If you want to check what a player has been up to type: /lb player <playername>
- This will fill your chat window with things like "<playername> destroyed cobblestone." To see the next page of their actions type /lb next. It is important to check back a few pages, as griefers are aware of LogBlock and may attempt to mask their griefing by griefing for a bit, then mining for a bit.
- Of course even if it says "<playername> destroyed glass" six times for a person, that does not confirm that they are a griefer. it depends what glass they are destroying. maybe they just got hit with entomb and were escaping. it's important to check WHAT they're destroying. if you get warnings that someguy is destroying diamond blocks make sure they're not his blocks before you ban him. To warp to the last block a player created or destroyed you can use /lb tp player <playername>

LogBlock area lookup
-say you come across an area that has been griefed, but have no idea by who. stand as close to the griefing as you can and type
- /lb area 5
- that will tell you all the changes made within a five block radius of where you're standing.
- again use /lb next to scroll pages
- you can make the radius as big as you want, but then it gets harder to tell what went on. better off getting right on the greifed spot and using a small radius like five
- find the name of the griefer and then either roll him back or report him to an admin

LogBlock Rollbacks (blue names only)
- you can rollback any changes anyone has made. First decide how far back you want them rolled. Unitoftime can be minutes/hours/days. The syntax is:
- /lb rollback player <playername> since <time> <unitoftime>
- example: /lb rollback player heylookoverthere since 10 days
- you're not done yet, you must confirm the rollback once the message pops up (may take some time) by typing /yes
- Nothing disheartens greifers like seeing hours of their "work" undone in a few keystrokes. When practical I like to rollback first, then ban.

Google and MCbans
- Google is your friend. If you've doubts about someone pop the MC name into google and you may get some information
- If you put their MC name and "MCBans" you might get some MCBans listings. This means they've been banned before.
- If you see a guy has 5+ bans for greifing, sure ban him. But lots of people have one random ban on their that they didn't deserve, so keep that in mind.

-it's /ban <playername> to ban. there is no confirmation message.
- Under normal circumstances, we try to be really sure someone's a greifer before banning. if they break a few blocks you can talk to them, but that will let them know you're watching. Remember there's no harm in letting them do damage to make sure they're bad news. we can always roll them back.
- Most people claming to be unjustly banned are just lying. Some aren't. While everyone makes mistakes, you don't wanna be the mod who bans a disproportionate number of people unjustly.

Greifer Invasion
-If a lot of new people are joining at once, it's probably a "griefer invasion" (someone posted our IP somewhere.)
-ocassionally me or george will post it on gamefaqs or mcforums to get new people. We'll try to tell you so you know it's not an invasion
- During these times where lots of new people are joining and we don't know from where, we are more free with dealing out bans for two reasons a) they're probably griefers. b) too many people lag the server. I'd rather ban an innocent person before he ever gets attached to the server than have it lag for everyone

In the end, keep in mind that a griefers goal is to well...cause you grief. If you find that they're annoying you remember it's just a game and maybe take a break and go do something else. We can always rollback everything they do, so don't let them get to you. Also if a griefer ever comes on named GrieferSutherland, tell him he has an awesome name before you ban him.


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Re: Greifer Detection 101

Post  ndog921 on Tue Aug 23, 2011 11:30 am

Lol at that last part.
Also just so I have it straight
White= normal
Green= mod without WE and LB rollback
Blue= mod with WE and LB rollback
You= admin that can do whatever the hell he wants


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