Hi, my names Jj and im an acholoic

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Hi, my names Jj and im an acholoic

Post  JJoiler on Fri Aug 19, 2011 1:12 am

oops that should be HeyLooks speech intro for something else.....sorry for that...my actual name is Jason ****** since everyone calls me Jayjay and i unfortunately like the Edmonton Oilers JJoiler sounded cool so anways im 5,9 with 3,9 legs. yeah i look wierd. ive been on since for a month and just posting my intro now. I live in a town of a whooping 100 with the population mostly with old farts and im the oldest teen here the next oldest is 14. thats why im here.a lot. I happen to love Nintendo (except the wii THOSE BASTARD SELL OUTS) but i do love to play soccer and hockey. Should i mention i be canadian? So yep thats my intro...add me on PSN JJoiler..and Steam if you want..JJoiler again..i think....

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